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The idea is derived from a tower crane. Lumilodge is formed by wooden base and mast with metal shade on one side while the counterweight on the other side.


We tried to use upcycled wood pallets to create our art piece. We aim at creating a big toy for everyone - Try to discover every interactive part of Lumilodge.

Lumilodge is a playful and multi-functional lighting design. It allows the user to sit or enjoy reading underneath. The two wheels at the bottom and handle on the seat enable the user to carry it anywhere.


The vintage peculiar knife switch creates an interesting user-experience, it looks risky yet safe to be handled.

The lamp could be raised up to 3m high or lowered to 1m high by turning the hinge. To adjust the angle of the lamp, you could step on the chair to reach the hinge, creating different lighting effect.


Runner-Up Status of A Design Award in Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Category in 2014-2015

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