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The Octagon: Inspired by the mysterious philosophy of Bagua (八卦) evolved from Tai Chi (太極) Yin Yang (陰陽) Wu Xing (五行) the space time and relationship between matters and objects. From Tai Chi evolve Liang Yi (兩儀), from Liang Yi Si Xiang (四象) are evolved, Si Xiang inspire Bagua. Matching amongst themselves the 64 Gua symbolising the wonders of nature, man and matters are created.

The structure, state of things and lines, derived from the evolution and change of tune from Bagua simulate an architectural product of nature. Lead by the structure and the intersection of the horizontal and vertical wood block and metal buckle, a variable lined pattern is naturally knitted displaying the delicate relationship between points, lines and the surface. Through the process of handmade [wooden tenon], firm and solid, portraying the dual quality of boldness and softness.

Wu Xing represents the five elements (metal, wood, water, fire, earth) which are heartily experienced through a balanced composition of the Octagon with LED light, wood, self-crafted metal buckle and handmade earthware containing water manifested.


Silver A Design Award in Arts,

Crafts and Ready-Made Design

Category in 2017-2018

The first prototype of The Octagon is made of rattan and bamboo (on the left), it is now transformed into wooden one (on the right).

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