Formed by nine interlaced metal pieces of irregular shapes, the art piece is a reflection of a dynamic life. They represent the 90 years of the life of a human - from childhood, adulthood to eventually the elderly stage.


The three colors of metal - silver, gold, bronze represent the different stages and experience of one's life. Silver is clear and pure, symbolizing the purity of childhood, full of expectations for the future.

Gold symbolizes the golden age of one's life, filled up with knowledge, fortune and experience. Bronze symbolizes the flourishing moment of oneself at the elderly stage, a time of spiritual satisfaction.


The parabolic form of the art piece reminds us about the desire for success and achievement is never-ending, we can only acquire the ultimate happiness if we get back to the basics, that is, to meet the spiritual satisfaction.

Life is filled up with changes. Many people spend most of the time in their lives to strive for fame, fortune and power. Yet, they will eventually find that the ultimate happiness is lying on the spiritual satisfaction.


Final Top Five of MTR New Railway

Lines Art in Station in 2012